I took one of the sentences from Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art (1969) to create a series of posters, exploring the use of restrictive methods. The sentence was: “Irrational thoughts should be followed absolutely and logically.” 

Taking the sentence as inspiration, I established restrictions for myself to work within. One poster was typography-based and the other was imagery-based. For both, I used patterns as a way to express my concept. Patterns are often complex and irrational-looking but are created using methodical or mathematical process.

I used the pattern tool in Adobe Illustrator to build patterns with basic shapes and gradients, and then I made more patterns with those patterns. I repeated this process many, many times. For the typographic poster, the patterns were built using clusters of  letters from the sentence that I had altered by deleting random anchor points. So, each letter is filled with distorted versions of the letter itself. (i.e., the letter T is filled with a pattern of repeated altered ts, etc.)

For the imagery based poster my process was similar, except I worked with basic shapes and gradients to layer patterns. The large bubble letters that spell “irrational” are made up of layered patterns.

My process and methodoligies integrated irrational and logical thinking, following my interpretation of the sentence quite literally. This project was about making quick decisions that focused on broader conceptual moves rather than focussing on minute formal details.

Spring 2020
2 week duration
24 x 36” posters

For the initial sketches, the typographic design focused on the altering of letter forms while the imagery-based design used patterns made up of shapes and gradients. For my final versions of the posters, I synthesized methodologies I used in my initial designs to create two unique compositions.